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MotiveWave is currently available as 6 different Editions. Each Edition builds on the previous one to offer more functionality. These Editions are designed to meet both your trading level and budget.

Looking for more flexible options? You can start with one of our lower Editions and add on Modules for more functionality. Check out our Modules. Or you can start with one of our Lease Options on our higher Editions. For more information on the features below, please see our Product Tour.

Want to upgrade later? No problem, we will put your purchase of a lower edition (and any modules) towards an upgrade to a higher edition (lifetime license) as long as it is within 1 year of initial purchase. You only need to pay the difference. Starting with a lease? We will put up to 6 months of lease payments towards a full purchase of the same edition or higher, you just pay the difference4. Contact sales to have the upgrade set up for you.

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Feature Charts
Workspaces - Unlimited Workspaces (1 connection per workspace) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Analysis Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Themes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Studies (excluding Elliott Wave, Harmonic Shape and Hurst Cycles) 40+ Popular Studies 275+ 275+ 275+ 275+ 275+
Java SDK (Custom Studies) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Charting Features - Semi-Log Scale, Cursor Data, Lock Studies, Lock Scroll, Bar Size Selector, Chart Labels, Bird's Eye View, Object Viewer, Global Cross Hair, Auto Scale, Chart Layers, Data Editing, Time and Price Guides Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic Components/Tools - Comments, Trend Lines, Fib Retrace/Extension/Expansion, Price Labels, Fork, Channel, Ellipse, Box, Arrow Markers Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chart Templates Max 2 Unlimited Max 2 Max 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Chart Linking Link All/Red Group Link All/Red Group Link All/Red Group Link All/Red Group All Groups All Groups
Watch Lists & Buy/Sell Boxes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Console Layouts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compact Mode Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keyboard Shortcuts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Bar Sizes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ticker Tape Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backup/Restore Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrated News (if provided by broker/data service) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trading Capability - Trade From Charts, One Click Orders, OCO, Attached Orders Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Trailing Orders Yes Yes Yes Yes
Entry/Exit Strategies Yes Yes Yes Yes
Account Management - Orders, Positions, Trade History Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-In Simulated Account Yes Yes Yes Yes
DOM - Depth of Market Yes Yes Yes Yes
Time & Sales Yes Yes Yes Yes
Non-Linear Bars - Tick, Range, Renko, Hybrid Renko, Volume, Point & Figure M M Yes Yes Yes Yes
Second Based Bars (Requires Historical Tick Data) M M Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Instrument Studies - Instrument Overlay/Graph, Spread, Ratio, Ability to Choose a Different Instrument for a Study Graph M M Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Time Frame Studies - Display studies of different time frames on a single chart M Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Strategy Execution Yes Yes Yes
30+ Built-In Strategies Yes Yes Yes
Java SDK for Custom Strategies Yes Yes Yes
Strategy Backtesting Yes Yes Yes
Strategy Optimization (exhaustive and genetic) Yes Yes Yes
Walk Forward Testing Yes Yes Yes
Backtesting Reporting Yes Yes Yes
Replay Mode M Yes M Yes Yes Yes
Console Pages M M M Yes Yes Yes
Data Import/Export M M M Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Alerts M M M Yes Yes Yes
Heikin Ashi Candles M M M Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Broker Workspaces - Ability to maintain connections to multiple brokers/data services in a single workspace Yes Yes
Option Chains (if supported by broker) Yes Yes
General Analysis Components M M M M Yes Yes
Advanced Commentary And Markers M M M M Yes Yes
Advanced Fibonacci M M M M Yes Yes
Quote Sheets (Advanced Watch Lists) M M M M Yes Yes
Advanced Chart Features - Square Price Scaling, Percent Change Charts, Ratio Presets, Chart Groups, Watermarks, Bar Schemes Yes Yes
Study Scanner Yes Yes
Custom Instruments Yes Yes
Custom Tools Yes Yes
Elliott Wave Components/Tools M M M M M Yes
Automatic Wave Labeling M M M M M Yes
Auto Analyzer (for Elliott Wave) M M M M M Yes
Elliott Wave Scanner Yes
Elliott Wave Study M M M M M Yes
Elliott Wave Strategies Yes
Gartley(Harmonic) Components/Tools M M M M M Yes
Gartley(Harmonic) Scanner Yes
Harmonic Shape Study M M M M M Yes
Gann Components/Tools M M M M M Yes
Hurst Cycles Yes

M - Add-on module available.

Please Note: MotiveWave Editions do not include data. You may connect directly or import data from any of our supported Brokers / Data Services.
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Purchase Terms & Conditions

Please review our Refund, Cancellation and Return Policy, and our Terms of Service.
A license may be installed and used on more than one computer system, as long as it is not used on more than one computer system at the same time. We reserve the right to terminate your license if this condition is violated.
If you require multiple licenses, or would like to provide MotiveWave to your customers or employees, please contact Sales to discuss volume discount pricing or white label and customization options.

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1 The Lifetime License includes 1 year of updates and support. At the end of your first year, after purchasing the Lifetime License, you can stay on the version available at that time and use it indefinitely. You will not have access to any further software updates or support.

2 After purchasing a Lifetime License, at the end of your first year or any time thereafter, you can purchase an Additional 1 Year of Updates and Support. This gives you access to software updates and support for one year from purchase date for your purchased Edition and any purchased Add-On Modules. If you purchase before your included 1st year of updates and support has ended, the additional time will be added on to your support life (you will not lose any time). If you wait for a period of time and then purchase an Additional 1 Year of Updates and Support, for example if you wait 2 years, you do not need to pay for 'back years' of missed support.

3 Please see our terms and cancellation policy for Auto-Renewing Subscriptions.

4 MotiveWave will put the purchase price of 6 months' worth of lease payments that you paid towards an upgrade to the Professional or Ultimate Edition Lifetime License, you only pay the difference. In the case of a sale, the sale discount will apply to the difference of the full purchase price minus the lease payments. Contact Sales for details.