Customer Support Policy

MotiveWave(tm) is lucky and privileged to have a fantastic customer base, who love the software and work with us constructively if an issue arises. Unfortunately, very occasionally, we come across a customer who is difficult to satisfy. The policy presented here is for that very small exception to our otherwise awesome customer base.


This policy explains how the MotiveWave staff will deal with customers who:

  • are aggressive complainants;
  • are rude, abusive, and harassing complainants;
  • cannot be satisfied despite the best efforts of MotiveWave;
  • constantly raise the same issue with different staff; and/or
  • make unreasonable demands on MotiveWave where resources are substantially and unreasonably diverted away from its other functions or unfairly allocated (compared to other customers).

Policy Statements

Customer satisfaction is one of MotiveWave's values however, at times, a customer's demands or expectations may exceed MotiveWave's ability to deliver.

As a general rule, when a person approaches MotiveWave with a request, issue, concern or complaint they first need to be heard, understood and respected.

Customers have a right to:

  • be given information or an explanation;
  • have action taken to address their concerns or fix their problem; and
  • have the matter dealt with quickly, fairly and properly.

A. Customers who cannot be satisfied:

Customers who cannot be satisfied include members of the public or groups who do not accept that MotiveWave is unable to assist them, provide any further assistance or level of service than has been provided already and/or disagree with the action MotiveWave has taken in relation to their complaint or concern.

If in the opinion of MotiveWave a customer cannot be satisfied and all appropriate avenues of internal review or appeal have been exhausted and the customer continues to write, telephone, and/or email the following actions may be taken:

  • A high level staff member may write to the customer restating MotiveWave's position on the matter if necessary and advising that if the customer continues to contact MotiveWave regarding the matter, MotiveWave may:
    • not accept any further phone calls from the customer;
    • require all further communication to be put in writing; and
    • continue to receive, read and file correspondence but only acknowledge or otherwise respond to it if:
      • the customer provides significant new information relating to their complaint or concern; or
      • the customer raises new issues which in MotiveWave's opinion warrant fresh action.
  • MotiveWave Staff shall be advised of a person who is deemed to be 'a customer who cannot be satisfied', the customer's concerns, and any proposed management strategy by MotiveWave.

B. Customers who make unreasonable demands:

Customers who make unreasonable demands include members of the public whose demands on MotiveWave start to significantly and unreasonably divert MotiveWave resources away from other functions or create an inequitable allocation of resources to other customers. Such demands may result from the amount of information requested, the nature or scale of services sought or the number of approaches seeking information, assistance or service.

If in the opinion of MotiveWave a customer is making unreasonable demands on staff and the customer continues to write, telephone and /or email MotiveWave the following actions may be taken:

  • MotiveWave may write to the customer advising them of MotiveWave's concern and requesting that they limit and focus their requests and that if the customer continues to place unreasonable demands, staff may:
    • not respond to any future correspondence and only take action where, in the opinion of MotiveWave the correspondence raises specific, substantial and serious issues; or
    • only respond to a certain number of requests in a given period.
  • If the customer continues to contact staff after being advised of the proposed course of action, MotiveWave may, after considering representations from the customer, advise the customer that either or both of the points stated directly above will now apply.

C. Customers who constantly raise the same issue with different staff:

If in the opinion of MotiveWave a customer is constantly raising the same issues with different staff MotiveWave may notify the customer that:

  • only a nominated staff member will deal with them in the future;
  • all future contact with MotiveWave must be in writing.

D. Customers who are rude, abusive or aggressive:

MotiveWave will not tolerate or condone intimidating or offensive behaviour toward staff members by members of the public under any circumstances. Any staff member who is the victim of such behaviour may, at their own discretion, report the matter to Police for further action.

Rude, abusive or aggressive behaviour may include rude or otherwise vulgar noises, expressions or gestures, verbal abuse of a personal or general nature, threatening or offensive behaviour, physical violence against property or physical violence against a person.

If in the opinion of any staff member rude, abusive or aggressive comments or statements are made in telephone conversations or in email, the staff member may:

  • warn the person that if the behaviour continues the conversation or email communication will be terminated;
  • terminate the conversation or email communication if the rude, abusive or aggressive behaviour continues after a warning has been given.

Where a conversation or email communication is terminated, the staff member must notify their relevant Manager of the details as soon as possible.

If in the opinion of MotiveWave any correspondence contains personal abuse, inflammatory statements or materials clearly intended to intimidate, it will not be otherwise acted upon.

Violence, damage to property or threatening behaviour may be reported to police, depending on the severity of the actions.

E. Documentation and reporting:

In all of the situations referred to in this policy, adequate documentary records must be made and maintained on the appropriate file.

If a MotiveWave staff member feels that a customer is being difficult in a manner specified in this policy, they may notify their Manager who will consider taking action as per avenues described above.

Where MotiveWave determines to limit a customer's access in any of the ways specified in this policy, MotiveWave will advise the customer and staff members as soon as possible of the relevant circumstances and the action taken.