What's New in MotiveWave 5.4

(Released June 5, 2018)

Below is information on the major features and enhancements included in MotiveWave's version 5.4 (since the last major release of version 5.3). Please visit the MotiveWave download page for full Release Notes on each release including minor releases and to download the latest version of MotiveWave.


  1. Fractional Volume - Support for fractional orders (values < 1) in crypto currencies. This affects live and historical data as well as placing orders on the simulated account.
  2. Java 9 - Updated to the Java implementation (9.0.4).
  3. PL Calculation Method - By default MotiveWave will calculate P/L using the current Bid/Ask price. You can change this to use last price in the Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console Menu Bar). Click on "General" and then the "General" sub tab.
  4. Java Mail - upgraded to the latest Java Mail API.
  5. Double Click Properties - A new option has been added to the Preferences dialog to disable the feature to show the component properties when double clicking on a figure. See Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar, click on "Chart" then on "Options".
  6. Historical Tick Data Performance Enhancements - Significant enhancements have been added to optimize the loading of large tick data sets (millions of ticks). This will improve the loading time and reduce memory usage. Existing studies and components have been updated to take advantage of these improvements..
  7. Cumulative Delta - Added "Delta" to the cursor data. This is the closing delta - opening delta. Also re-implemented to reduce the memory footprint.
  8. Trading Hours - Added additional built-in trading hours for:
    1. Nikkei Futures
    2. Taiex Futures
    3. JPX Equity Index Futures
    4. JPX TSE Stocks
  9. Grid Dashes - this option will show the grid on the chart as a dashed lines (instead of solid lines) when the grid is enabled. See Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar. Click on "Chart" then on "Options").
  10. Time & Sales - Added the following optional filters to the Time & Sales panel:
    1. Aggregate - aggregates trades that occurred sequentially at the same price (and second)
    2. Min Trade Size - removes trades that are below the min trade size
    3. Max Trade Size - removes trades that are above the max trade size
  11. Performance - Performance/memory usage has been enhanced for the following studies/components:
    1. Volume Imprint
    2. TPO
    3. Cumulative Delta
    4. Delta Volume
    5. Volume Profile and TPO Components


  1. DOM History - This study displays historical depth of market sizes on the price graph.
  2. Speed Gauges - Displays live statistical values on the price chart.
  3. Depth of Market Study - This new study visually displays the depth of market on the right (or left) side of the chart.
  4. Speed of Tape - This new study illustrates the current speed of the market in terms of ticks/volume etc. Choose Study -> Volume -> Speed Of Tape from the top menu bar to add this to the active chart. Note: Historical tick data is required for this study to function properly.
  5. DOM Power Study - This study displays historical bid/ask volume from the depth of market.

Java SDK

  1. Instrument Interface - Added the following methods to the Instrument interface (com.motivewave.platform.sdk.common.Instrument):
    1. addListener(TickOperation listener) - adds a listener for live ticks.
    2. removeListener(TickOperation listener) - removes a listener for live ticks.
    3. addListener(DOMListener listener) - adds a listener for Depth of Market updates.
    4. removeListener(DOMListener listener) - removes a listener for Depth of Market updates.
    5. addPropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener listener) - adds a property change listener.
    6. removePropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener listener) - removes a property change listener.
    7. forEachTick(start, end, rth, operation) - executes the given operation for each tick between the start and end times
    8. getAskSizeAsFloat() - support for fractional ask sizes
    9. getBidSizeAsFloat() - support for fractional bid sizes
    10. getDefaultQuantityAsFloat() - support for fractional quantity sizes
    11. getLastSizeAsFloat() - support for fractional sizes
    12. getDOMHistory() - gets historical DOM snapshots at 1 second intervals
    13. getLatestDOMHistory() - gets the latest DOM snapshot


  1. Coinigy - Crypto currency data from Coinigy
  2. Google - Added experimental update for getting live quotes from Google
  3. CryptoCompare - Added symbols: TRX/USD (Tronix), TRX/BTC, TRX/ETH, TRX/USDT, CND/USD (Cindicator), CND/BTC, CND/ETH, ADA/USD, ADA/USDT, ADA/BTC, ADA/ETH
  4. FOREX.com - Updated to latest FOREX.com connector
  5. MES Capital - Added connector to MES Capital via Rithmic

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