What's New in MotiveWave 5.2

(Released August 29, 2017)

Below is information on the major features and enhancements included in MotiveWave's version 5.2 (since the last major release of version 5.1). Please visit the MotiveWave download page for full Release Notes on each release including minor releases and to download the latest version of MotiveWave.


  1. Disable Alert Window - This option will disable the display of the popup Alert Window when an alert is activated. See Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar) click on "Alerts" section.
  2. Use Default Email - When configuring study/strategy signals (see Signals tab in Study/Strategy dialog) you can optionally use the default email address configured in the Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar, see "Email" tab). With this option checked, if the email address in the Preferences dialog is changed, it affects all signals that have "Use Default Email" checked.
  3. Entry/Exit Strategies - Added market orders to the available entry order types.
  4. Market Order Combos - Added the following order combinations for Market Orders (keyboard shortcuts also available):
    1. Market + Stop
    2. Market + Stop/Limit
    3. Market + Trail
    4. Market + Trail/Limit
  5. Chart Labels - Added chart labels for the following:
    1. Account Balance
    2. Account Unrealized P/L
    3. Account Session P/L
    4. Date/Time Label - added seconds to this label
  6. Scanner - Added the ability to make a copy of an existing scan
  7. Watch List/Quote Sheet - The background/text of specific tickers in the watch lists and quote sheets can be modified. Right click on a ticker and choose Format.
  8. Keyboard Shortcuts - added assignable keyboard short cuts for replay mode. (see Preferences Dialog, "General" -> "Keyboard" tab)
  9. Price Guide - The following enhancements have been added to the Price Guides
    1. Label - You can now optionally add a label to a price guide. See Guide Properties dialog (Label tab)
    2. Visibility - The visibility of a guide can now be modified from the Visibility tab of the Guide Properties dialog
  10. Lock Figure - Figures on a chart can now be "Locked" which will prevent accidental dragging or resizing. To enable/disable right click on a figure and choose "Lock Figure"
  11. Sector/Industry Group - Added the ability to specify the Sector and Industry Group for stocks.


  1. TPO Study - Time Price Opportunity Study. Displays trading activity based on time for the given set of price levels. See Study -> Volume Based -> Time Price Opportunity (TPO) from the top menu bar.
  2. Volume Imprint Study - Displays detailed volume information on each price bar (Study -> Volume Based -> Volume Imprint from the top menu bar). There are 4 display types available:
    1. Profile - Displays a volume profile for each bar
    2. Bid/Ask - Shows the bid/ask volume at each price level
    3. Delta - Shows the difference between the bid/ask volume at each price level
    4. Volume - Shows the traded volume at each price level
  3. Delta Volume - Graphically displays the difference between the bid and ask volume for each bar as a bar chart (Study -> Volume Based -> Delta Volume from the top menu bar)
  4. Bid/Ask Volume - Graphically displays the Bid and Ask volumes for each bar as a separate graph. Signals are available for the ask volume crossing the bid volume (Study -> Volume Based -> Bid/Ask Volume from the top menu bar).

Java SDK

  1. Instrument - Added the following methods to the Instrument interface
    1. isInsideTradingHours(long time, boolean rth) - returns true if the given time (expressed in milliseconds since 1970) is within the trading hours and regular trading hours (rth) setting for the instrument
    2. getTicks(long start, long end, boolean rth) - gets the ticks for the given time period taking into account the regular trading hours (rth) option
  2. OrderContext - Added more methods in the OrderContext interface to enhance trading multiple symbols (see SDK Java Doc for details):
    1. getPosition(Instrument instr)
    2. getAvgEntryPrice(Instrument instr)
    3. getAccountPosition(Instrument instr)
    4. getAccountAvgEntryPrice(Instrument instr)
    5. convertToBaseCurreny(Instrument instr, double pnl)
    6. calcPnl(Instrument instr, float entryPrice, int qty)
    7. calcPnl(Instrument instr, float entryPrice, float exitPrice, int qty)
  3. DrawContext - Added the following methods to the DrawContext interface:
    1. translate2Value(double y) - translates a y graph coordinate to a value on the y axis (reverse of translateValue(double val))
    2. translate2Time(double x) - translates a x graph coordinate to a time values in milliseconds since 1970
  4. PriceBarDescriptor - added the ability to define a fixed width for price bars (see advanced properties dialog, ie click on the edit button from the study dialog)
  5. Input Descriptors - Added the following input descriptors:
    1. FileDescriptor - Allows the user to choose a File as input for a study/strategy
    2. StringDescriptor - Allows a user to enter a string into a text field


  1. CQG - Updated to the latest CQG Web API (v1.68)
  2. Rithmic - Added connection option for Live Aggregated Data

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