What's New in MotiveWave 4.2

(Released July 14, 2015)

Below is information on the major features and enhancements included in MotiveWave's version 4.2 (since the last major release of version 4.1). Please visit the MotiveWave download page for full Release Notes on each release including minor releases and to download the latest version of MotiveWave.

General Enhancements

  • Java 8 - Switched to Java 8 for both Windows and macOS
  • Options - The following enhancements have been added for trading options:
    • Option Data - Added client side calculation for the following option attributes. These are presented when the broker does not provide this information:
      • Implied Volatility
      • Greeks - Delta, Gamma, Rho, Theta, Vega
      • Time Value
      • Intrinsic Value
    • Option Strategies - Strategies for placing option orders have been added in this update. These can be accessed from the Option Chain feature in MotiveWave (click on Buy/Sell buttons):
      • Vertical
      • Calendar
      • Diagonal
      • Straddle
      • Back Ratio
      • Synthetic
      • Butterfly
      • Condor
      • Iron Condor
      • Vertical Roll
      • Double Diagonal
      • Double Calendar
  • Hover Popup Delay - The delay for displaying the mouse hover popup is now configurable in the Preferences Dialog (Configure -> Preferences from the Console menu bar). See Chart -> Chart Settings
  • Active Tickers - Displays the tickers that are in use for the workspace (along with the total used). Choose Configure -> Active Tickers from the Console menu bar.
  • Close/Reverse Position - Added an option to disable confirm on close/flatten/reverse position in the confirmation dialog.
  • Rotating Square - A new component has been added that is similar to the Cross Square (see Gann Components). This version of the cross square can be rotated.
  • Show/Hide Chart Symbol/Bar Size - Options have been added to the Chart Settings dialog to show or hide the following on the Price Graph:
    • Symbol
    • Bar Size
    • Analysis Name
  • Import/Export Watch List - Watch Lists can be exported to an XML file and imported into other workspaces.
  • Import/Export Templates - Chart Templates can be exported to a file and imported into other workspaces. This can be done from the Manage Templates dialog.
  • P/L Ladder - This feature visualizes the current profit/loss on the price graph in a ladder format. You can turn this on by editing the Chart Settings (right click on the chart and choose "Chart Settings"). Click on the "Display" and check "Show P/L Ladder".
  • Duplicate Guide - Vertical and horizontal (price) guides can be duplicated via right click and choosing "Duplicate Guide"
  • Semi Log Button - Added a Semi-Log toggle button to the Bar Size selector button panel.

Broker/Data Services

  • MetaStock Xenith - Updated to the latest version of the MSX API to ensure binary compatibility with the Eikon releases at the end of May 2015


  • SDK Popup Message - Popup messages can now be specified for a study as well as figures inside the study.
  • Study Popup Messages - Selected studies have been adjusted to show popup messages for markers. Daily Volume and Volume Profile studies now show popup messages for volume bars.
  • Historical Volatility - This study has been enhanced to offer additional ways to compute the values:
    • Close to Close - Calculates percent move using the close vs the previous close
    • Close (Log) - Percent move is calculating using ln(close/prev close)
    • High/Low - Percent move is calculating using high/low
    • True Range - Percent move is calculating using max(high, prevClose) / min(low,prevClose)
  • SuperTrend - Support for this study has been added in this update.
  • ADX - Added support for a histogram based on difference between +DI and -DI lines.
  • IMI - Intraday Momentum Indicator added in this update (Tuschar Chande)
  • MA Cross - Added ability to hide MA lines

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