Class MarkerDescriptor


public class MarkerDescriptor extends SettingDescriptor
Describes marker figure that is displayed at strategic points on the graph.
  • Constructor Details

    • MarkerDescriptor

      public MarkerDescriptor(String name, String label, Enums.MarkerType type, Enums.Size size, Color fillColor, Color outlineColor, boolean enabled, boolean supportsDisable)
      name - name of this setting (key)
      label - label displayed to the user
      type - default type of the marker
      size - default size of the marker
      fillColor - default fill color for the marker
      outlineColor - default outline color for the marker
      enabled - default enabled state
      supportsDisable - indicates if the user can disable the display of the marker
  • Method Details

    • getDefaultValue

      public MarkerInfo getDefaultValue()
      Gets the default value as a MarkerInfo
      getDefaultValue in class SettingDescriptor
      default value for the setting
    • createInputFX

      public javafx.scene.Node createInputFX(Settings settings, boolean readOnly)
      Description copied from class: SettingDescriptor
      Creates the component that will accept the user input. This is called by the study framework.
      Specified by:
      createInputFX in class SettingDescriptor
      settings - settings for the study
      readOnly - true if the component should not accept user input
      component that will accept user input.
    • getType

      public Enums.MarkerType getType()
      Gets the default type of the marker.
    • getSize

      public Enums.Size getSize()
      Gets the defautl size of the marker.
    • getFillColor

      public Color getFillColor()
      Gets the default fill color for the marker.
    • getOutlineColor

      public Color getOutlineColor()
      Gets the defautl outline color for the marker.
    • isSupportsAdvanced

      public boolean isSupportsAdvanced()
      Indicates if the user can adjust the advanced attributes of the marker.
    • setSupportsAdvanced

      public void setSupportsAdvanced(boolean b)
      Sets the attribute to allow the user to set advanced attributes.
    • isSupportsColor

      public boolean isSupportsColor()
      Indicates if the user can adjust the color attributes of the marker.
    • setSupportsColor

      public void setSupportsColor(boolean b)
      Sets the attribute to allow the user to set color attributes.
    • getTypes

      public Enums.MarkerType[] getTypes()
      Gets the set of valid marker types.
    • setTypes

      public void setTypes(Enums.MarkerType[] values)
      Sets the valid set of type choices.
    • getSizes

      public Enums.Size[] getSizes()
      Gets all of the valid marker sizes.
    • setSizes

      public void setSizes(Enums.Size[] sizes)
      Sets the valid marker sizes.
    • isDisplaySetting

      public boolean isDisplaySetting()
      Description copied from class: SettingDescriptor
      Indicates if this setting is used to affect the appearance of the of the study/strategy
      isDisplaySetting in class SettingDescriptor
      true if this setting affects the appearance of the study/strategy