Enum Class Enums.MAMethod

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<Enums.MAMethod>, Constable
Enclosing interface:

public static enum Enums.MAMethod extends Enum<Enums.MAMethod>
Moving Average calculation methods.
  • Enum Constant Details

    • SMA

      public static final Enums.MAMethod SMA
      Simple Moving Average.
    • EMA

      public static final Enums.MAMethod EMA
      Exponential Moving Average.
    • SMMA

      public static final Enums.MAMethod SMMA
      Smoothed Moving Average.
    • MEMA

      public static final Enums.MAMethod MEMA
      Modified Exponential Moving Average.
    • WMA

      public static final Enums.MAMethod WMA
      Weighed Moving Average
    • KAMA

      public static final Enums.MAMethod KAMA
      Kauffman Adaptive Moving Average.
    • DEMA

      public static final Enums.MAMethod DEMA
      Double Exponential Moving Average.
    • TEMA

      public static final Enums.MAMethod TEMA
      Triple Exponential Moving Average.
    • TMA

      public static final Enums.MAMethod TMA
      Triangular Moving Average.
    • VWMA

      public static final Enums.MAMethod VWMA
      Volume Weighted Moving Average.
  • Method Details

    • values

      public static Enums.MAMethod[] values()
      Returns an array containing the constants of this enum class, in the order they are declared.
      an array containing the constants of this enum class, in the order they are declared
    • valueOf

      public static Enums.MAMethod valueOf(String name)
      Returns the enum constant of this class with the specified name. The string must match exactly an identifier used to declare an enum constant in this class. (Extraneous whitespace characters are not permitted.)
      name - the name of the enum constant to be returned.
      the enum constant with the specified name
      IllegalArgumentException - if this enum class has no constant with the specified name
      NullPointerException - if the argument is null
    • toString

      public String toString()
      This method has been overridden to display a user friendly version of the input type for use in combo boxes etc. Use the name() method to retrieve the programmatic version of the enum.
      toString in class Enum<Enums.MAMethod>